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What Happened to the NBA 2K18 Cover After the Kyrie Irving Trade

Earlier this year, on the first of June, Kyrie Irving was revealed to be the cover athlete for NBA 2K18 standard edition. Kyrie fans were happy and Cleveland Cavaliers supporters were even happier as Irving was playing for them as a point guard at that time. The cover was revealed. Kyrie Irving is shown on the cover wearing his Cleveland Cavaliers outfit as normal. The first look at in game Kyrie revealed his 90 OVR. This screenshot was also showing him in a Cavs uniform. NBA 2K18 was made available for pre-order and tons of game fans made sure to secure a game copy before the release date. A few months later, in August, something happened that made the NBA 2K18 cover to suddenly lose its meaning and sense. Kyrie Irving was traded to Boston Celtics. There were some rumors about the trade and eventually they were confirmed. The news that Kyrie is no longer a Cleveland Cavaliers player left NBA 2K18 fans wondering what will happen to the cover. 

The answer was simple and it didn't really come as a shock: nothing. After all, tons of covers were already printed and game copies most likely sent to retailers all over the world in preparation for the September launch day. On September 7th, it was announced that a new batch of game copies, this time depicting Kyrie Irving wearing the uniform of his new team, will be available. It is not yet known when the new edition will roll out. Players that have already pre-ordered NBA 2K18 will get the Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers edition for sure. The game copies found in stores on release day will feature pre-transfer Kyrie Irving on the cover. 2K announced they will be releasing a new cover, not that they will be recalling the old one so a lot of players will have the initial cover. For some, it may be a bit disappointing, especially if they are Cavs fans, but others will see it as a rare collectible and will be quite proud of owning a copy. Stay tuned with us for more news and tips of buy NBA 2K18 MT. We will keep you posted.